Irish Chess Arbiters Association

There are two available routes to becoming an Irish National Arbiter

The Irish Chess Arbiters' Association will normally run at least one Irish National Arbiter Course every year, usually in the autumn.

In order to act as an assistant arbiter at one of the Irish event, you must first pre-register to organise this with the ICAA, please contact:

*Qualifying events must fulfil the following
  1. Must be controlled by a member of the ICAA
  2. Must be rated by either the ICU or FIDE
  3. Must have at least 30 participants

The Applicant must ensure that he gets the supervising arbiter to fill out the appropriate NA1 form after the event. This completed form should then be submitted to the ICAA.

Download the NA1 form right click here, then "Save As..."

Upon competition of all the requirements, the ICAA will recommend to the ICU that the candidate be awarded the title of Irish National Arbiter.